Attention: Golfers Over 50

The Journey to "Shoot Your Age" Starts Now!

This journey to shoot your age in golf is ideally suited for golfers over 50 who are eager to elevate their game using proven training principles. At "Shoot Your Age" we challenge the myth that age must dictate your golfing ability. Our free PDF eBook, incl "Shoot Your Age Roadmaps," unveils pathways that can not only slow down, but reverse the effects of aging on your scoring ability.

Discover How to Defy Age and Shoot Your Best Golf Yet!

Are you frustrated by the inevitable effects of aging on your golf game? Loss of strength, decreased power, and restricted range of motion not only impact your distance off the tee but can also wreak havoc on your short game and putting. Many golfers resign themselves to these setbacks as an unavoidable part of getting older—but what if there's a way to fight back?

What if These Effects Can be Reversed?

At "Shoot Your Age" we challenge the myth that age must dictate your golfing ability. Our free eBook, incl PDF "Shoot Your Age Roadmaps," unveils pathways that can not only slow down but reverse these effects. We're here to show you that age is just a number—and with the right approach, your best golfing years are yet to come.

The Best Time to Reverse the Decline is NOW!

In our eBook, we illustrate multiple "Shoot Your Age" pathways that defy conventional wisdom. Let's take Pathway 1 as an example: a typical 50-year-old shooting around 90. Without intervention, this golfer's scoring ability will inevitably decline over time. However, by following our roadmap, you can see how this decline can be halted and even reversed.

Choose Your Pathway to Success...a Roadmap tailored Specifically for YOU !

Each pathway represents a strategic approach tailored to combat the effects of aging on your golf game. Whether you're aiming to regain lost power and flexibility, enhance mental resilience under pressure, or refine your strategic play on the course, our roadmap and (soon to be launched) membership site guides you through proven techniques and exercises.

The Journey is More Important Than the Destination!

Embarking on the journey to shoot your age in golf offers far more than just a remarkable achievement—it transforms your entire golfing experience. Physically, the commitment to improving your game means gaining strength, flexibility, and power that defy the natural effects of aging. These benefits not only enhance your swing mechanics but also extend your playing longevity, ensuring you enjoy the game for years to come. Mentally, the journey sharpens your focus, builds resilience under pressure, and cultivates a mindset of continuous improvement.

FREE eBook including "Shoot Your Age" Pathways

Our ebook contains templates that you can immediately use to map out your individual "Shoot Your Age" Pathway. Every pathway will be different. Just like we do with our elite golfers, and even PGA Tour players, we start out by making an assessment of where you are today. From there we can map out a specific patway that is realistic for you - whether you are seeking rapid or more gradual improvement.

About Steve Bann


Steve Bann is a partner in BannLynchMcDade in Australia. BannLynchMcDade is the only School, Academy or Program in the World to take 7 teenagers to the World’s top 50 ranking. The BannLynchMcDade team have coached their students to 18 US PGA Tour wins and 29 US PGA Tour wins and multiple International amateur and professional titles.

After turning professional in 1979, Steven played on the Australian PGA Tour from 1981 to 1996. In 1990 Steve was appointed the founding Head Coach of the Victorian Institute of Sport. Since 1996 Steve has traveled the World coaching his students who included Stuart Appleby, KJ Choi, Robert Allenby, Cameron Percy, Nick Flanagan, Hee Young Park, Jennifer Johnson and Danny Lee.

Steve has coached at over 40 majors including 19 US Masters and 6 Presidents Cups. Along the journey Steve has given lessons to many notables including, Ian Baker Finch, Mark O’Meara, Wayne Grady, Greg Norman, Vijay Singh and Adam Scott.


Some of Steve’s accolades include being awarded 2006 Victorian PGA coach of the year, 2007 Golf Digest coach of the year. 201 0 Australian PGA coach of the year. Nominated to the World Golf Hall of Fame by Australian PGA 2011, Ranked 12th most influential person in Australian golf from the past 40 Years by Australian Golf Digest. Steve has written 4 golf instruction books, one of which, ‘Simply Golf Back to Basics’ sold 300K copies Worldwide. Currently, Steve is a co- director of BannLynchMcDade, which operates at Yarra Bend Golf in Melbourne Australia and teaching professional at Kingston Heath Golf Club.

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